Clothing Tech Pack & Design Session

Need tech packs for your clothing brand? Our expert tech pack designers are here to help.

Getting your tech packs created properly is a crucial step for your fashion brand. In our tech pack & design sessions, you'll work alongside an expert tech pack designer to create fully developed, high-quality tech packs for your clothing brand.

What is a Tech Pack & Design Session?

In every tech pack & design session you work alongside one of our designers, on a one-to-one basis online via Zoom or in person in our studio. We do all the drawing and technical work while advising and helping you through the entire session by sharing our expertise and honest advice.

After every tech pack & design session you will have the tech packs you need for sampling and bulk production. In these sessions we design exactly to your needs across a wide range of garments. These include dresses, t-shirts, trousers, cargos, joggers, swimwear, basic underwear, hoodies, tops, basic outerwear, etc.

We'll also create simple graphics if needed and give full access to our range of 80+ pre-developed garments to use as base shape to design around (if needed).

Choose from our range of fashion tech pack & design sessions below:

What the clothing tech pack & design session includes

You will work with an expert designer to develop tech packs for your clothing brand. You bring the vision for what you want to create, we bring the expertise to turn it into fully-fledged tech packs that can be taken to sampling and manufacture.

Your tech packs will come in clear line drawings with annotations which will enable our team manufacturer to follow exactly how you want your clothing to come out.

This is a crucial step for any clothing brand, and working with Hook and Eye UK to get this done properly will save you a lot of time and money down the line as you move forward with your clothing manufacture.


Bridge brand clothing design and manufacture

A ‘bridge brand’ is a a brand that ‘bridges’ the gap between value high street brands (think Nike basics) and luxury brands (think Gucci). They are the brands in the middle (think Stussy, Palm Angels, Fear of God Essentials, Aries) they price a hoodie between £80-£400. These kinds of brands have the best success rates as they yield high profit levels with proportionately low investment. Hook and Eye UK specialises in the cut and sew manufacture of bridge brands, our high quality level in design and manufacture perfectly match the levels needed for these brands! So we can help all sizes of brands we slot our smaller brands in the gaps between our large brands so that everyone gets the same quality. We can also help with value brands if thats what you’re looking for, see our Wholesale Design Session page for more info.


Tech packs:

Q. Can you make my clothing designs and tech packs for me?

A. Yes, we can. We offer a range of fashion tech pack design sessions which allow you to sit one–to–one with one of our tech pack designers via an online or in-person session. See our *Best Selling* 'Tech Pack and Design Sessions' for more info.

Q. How quickly can I book a tech pack design session?

A. You can purchase a tech pack design session online at any time, it will depend on the slots available but typically customers can book a session within a week of purchase.

Q. What do I need to prepare for my tech pack design session?

A. A bit of preparation will massively increase the value you get from your design session. Here's our guide on how to fully prepare for a tech pack & design session.

Q. Can you provide bulk manufacture pricing from our tech packs?

A. We can send you over our estimated bulk production prices based on generic items like hoodies, teeshirts, joggers etc. Just ask us to send our 'Estimated Pricing Guide'. 

Q. I'm not sure of the best way to move forwards, do you offer consultation/guidance?

A. Yes we do and all levels of brands are welcome! See our Brand Consultancy page.

Bulk Clothing Manufacture:

Q. What is your minimum order quantity for clothing manufacture?

A. There is an MOQ of 30 units per design/colour. (This gets higher with the complexity of your design). To go into bulk manufacture you must have a minimum of 2 designs, this could be one garment in two colour ways or two separate garments. 

Q. How long does bulk manufacture take?

A. 4-8 weeks + shipping (This time assumes that you have already been through the sampling processes with us). If you are a returning customer and you want to re-order stock, we can usually shorten this time frame.

Q. Where is bulk manufacture made?

A. We have an integrated manufacturing team based in China. 


Q. How much does it cost to have fashion tech packs made?

A. We understand that budgets vary, so we offer a range of different tech pack design sessions for fashion brands of all sizes. You can find our different design session packages here.

Q. What is the cost of a pattern / sample / bulk manufacture?

A. All pricing is based off the tech pack of each individual garment, so pricing is individual for every service we provide. Costing changes with the complexity of the garment and the number of garments being made. Costing can also be affected by fabric type / weight, graphic applications, and shipping methods.


Q. Where are you based?

A. Our studio is in Birmingham, UK. We work with fashion brands and startup clothing companies across the UK and internationally, especially with clients in the USA, Canada and Australia. Our online tech pack & design sessions can help you start a fashion brand from anywhere in the world.