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Tech Pack & Design Session (5 Hours In-Person)

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Held in our Birmingham UK studio.

Session info:

  • 4-7 unique designs. Depending on the complexity of the garments. Usually a tech pack takes around 1 hour per style + 15 mins per additional colour-way. Clear line drawings and construction details make up each tech pack for the manufacturer to follow.
  • 5 hours design time (split into two sessions) in-person, one-to-one with one of Hook and Eye UK's designers at our Birmingham studio with full guidance and consultation from a designer with real industry experience. Advice will be given for fabric/ colour/ best practice construction/ fit/ form etc.
  • Unlimited access to try on our full range of 80+ Pre-Developed items.
  • Unlimited access to our full range of 80+ Pre-Developed sample tech packs to use as foundation blocks if required. 
  • Unlimited access to our full range of fabric reference boards & sample references. 
  • There is no commitment to sample or manufacture when you purchase this tech pack and design session.

Session Guide:

  1. Review of client reference imagery. (These are images of similar styles that you would like to design to give us a good idea of your preferred direction. You will need to collect and send these to us before your session).
  2. Consultation and review of best fabric options and colours.
  3. Illustration of your designs in vector format and creation of your tech packs one design at a time. 
  4. Review of your range and which items you would like to sample and bulk manufacture. 
  5. (After the session). Pricing for your chosen sampling and bulk manufacture designs.

Sit back and relax we do all the hard work for you! Our tech pack and design sessions are created to help you design your garments and put them into tech packs. In every design session you work alongside one of our designers on a face-to-face basis. We do all the drawing and technical work while advising and helping you through the entire session by sharing our expertise and honest advice.

After every design session you will leave with the tech packs you need for sampling or bulk production. In these sessions we design exactly to your custom needs over a range of items. These include dresses, t-shirts, trousers, cargos, joggers, swimwear, basic underwear, hoodies, tops, jumpsuits and basic outerwear. We'll also design simple graphics if needed.


Once you have purchased a design session we will contact you with a booking link. PLEASE leave a phone number or email address so we can easily contact you.


Custom samples designed within these sessions can be ordered without commitment to bulk manufacture.  

Hook And Eye UK can design a wide variety of clothing however we only sample and bulk manufacture items such as hoodies, joggers, tee-shirts, dresses, bodysuits, basic underwear (wireless), trousers/ bottoms, gym wear.

We are happy to only design and tech pack garments if you have your own bulk manufacturer. We understand that it is often so much easier to get the tech pack right in the UK due to ease of communication.

All tech packs, patterns, samples and bulk manufacture (once purchased) are the property of the purchaser. 

Please be aware that we do not specialise in the manufacture of outerwear. We can design most sorts of outerwear for you BUT we can ONLY sample and manufacture very simple outerwear. Please contact us with reference images before you purchase if you wish to sample or manufacture outerwear garments.