We are clothing designers and clothing manufacturers based in Birmingham, UK. We have designed and manufactured garments for hundreds of brands, from start-ups and SMEs through to global fashion brands. We know the process of starting and growing a fashion brand inside-out, and can help you with tech packs, pattern cutting, sampling and clothing manufacture.

Tech Pack Design and Clothing Manufacturers UK


If you want to start a fashion brand, or create a new design for your range, simply book a tech pack & design session with us.

Working one-on-one with an experienced fashion designer at Hook and Eye UK, we make it easy to transform your ideas into custom clothing tech packs. This is the first vital step to garment sampling and bulk clothing manufacturing.

Sessions are online, or at our studio in Birmingham, UK.

  • "If you have a clothing brand or thinking of starting one, having the right people around will save you a fortune and save you months... Hook and Eye UK are those people!”

    - Dark Circle

  • “Hook and Eye UK have been our clothing supplier for nearly five years and the reason we keep coming back is for their ethos, quality, and how hard-working they are. We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

    - Bene Culture

  • "Hook and Eye UK has been an absolute pleasure to work with. And has made my clothes manufacturing process 100% easier. Couldn’t be happier with the service 🤍”

    - Maria Gulina

Best clothing manufacturers UK - Hook & Eye


If you're looking for clothing manufacturers, we can help. For any fashion brand, choosing the right clothing manufacturer will save so much time and money.

At Hook and Eye UK, we can manage the full clothing production cycle for you, from design all the way through to bulk clothing manufacturing. With our integrated manufacture team and wealth of industry experience, we ensure your garments are manufactured to the correct quality level and within the correct timelines. We also offer low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) so that you can start manufacturing your clothing quickly and easily.

Clothing Manufacturers UK studio in Birmingham


Hook and Eye UK are the UK's leading clothing manufacturers and designers for start-up and growing clothing brands. We give you a supportive and friendly team who believe in fairness, quality and above all, transparency.

The company is lead by a motto of friendly and comfortable working conditions. We pride ourselves on making sure that our entire workforce are paid above living wage.

We are based in Birmingham, UK, and are proud to work with clients around the country and internationally, both as clothing designers and clothing manufacturers.

If you're looking to start and grow a fashion brand, we will support you at each step of the way.

custom clothing manufacturers in the UK for global clients


Work with our team of the best UK clothing designers and clothing manufacturers. Wherever you are in the world we make it easy for you to build a fashion brand, to the highest quality standards, all from the comfort of your own home.  

Hook and Eye UK provides a 360° clothing manufacturing solution and have proudly supported hundreds of fashion & apparel start-ups from around the world along with brands in USA, Canada and Australia to make high-quality custom clothing.

Get started today by booking a Tech Pack and Design Session with us.



We're here to help. Hook and Eye are a UK based clothing manufacturer and clothing design company that helps fashion brands, startups and streetwear labels create quality clothing. As clothing manufacturers we offer low MOQ garment manufacturing, starting at 30 pieces (this gets higher with the complexity of your design), so that you can start a fashion brand in the UK, without breaking the bank. Alongside our clothing manufacturers service, we also provide expert fashion design support to help you design custom clothing that flies off the shelf.

As a team of UK-based streetwear designers with an integrated clothing manufacture team overseas, we help turn your ideas into a successful fashion brand. Create custom tech packs, clothing samples, all the way through to bulk garment production, with excellent quality design, fair pricing and support at each step of the journey.



Clothing Brand Consultation:

Q. I'm not sure of the best way to move forwards with my clothing brand, do you offer consultation/guidance?

A. Yes we do, and all levels of clothing brands are welcome, whether you're just starting, or are an established brand that's looking to grow. See our Brand Consultancy page for more info.

Tech Packs:

Q. Can you make my clothing designs and tech packs for me?

A. Yes, we can. We offer design sessions which allow you to sit one–to–one with one of our expert designers via an online session. See our *Best Selling* 'Tech Pack and Design Sessions' for more info.

Q. How quickly can I book a Tech Pack design session?

A. You can purchase a Tech Pack design session online at any time, it will depend on the slots available but typically customers can book ok within a week of purchase. 

Q. Can you give bulk clothing manufacture pricing from our tech packs?

A. We can send over estimated bulk production prices based on generic items like hoodies,T-shirts, joggers etc. Just ask us to send our 'Estimated Pricing Guide'. 

Bulk Clothing Manufacture:

Q. What is your minimum order quantity for clothing manufacture?

A. There is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 30 units per design/colour (this gets higher with the complexity of your design). To go into bulk clothing manufacture you must have a minimum of 2 designs, this could be one garment in two colour ways or two separate garments. 

Q. How long does bulk clothing manufacturing take?

A. Typically it takes 4-8 weeks + shipping to have your garments manufactured in bulk (this time assumes that you have already been through the sampling processes with us). If you are a returning customer and you want to re-order stock, we can usually shorten this time frame.

Q. Where is bulk manufacture made?

A. We have an integrated clothes manufacturing team based in China. 


Q. What is the cost of a pattern / sample / bulk clothes manufacturing?

A. All pricing is based off the tech pack of each individual garment, so pricing is individual for every service we provide. Costing changes with the complexity of the garment and the number of garments being manufactured. Costing can also be affected by fabric type / weight, graphic applications, and shipping methods. 

Sampling & Pattern Cutting:

Q. Do you do samples without commitment to bulk manufacture?

A. Yes. Each stage is priced separately to give you the freedom to move as and when you like.

Q. Can you take a fit from an existing sample?

A. Yes, we can! 

Q. How long does it take to get samples?

A. Typically samples take 4-8 weeks. 

Q. How long does a pattern take to make?

A. It depends on the complexity of the pattern and the studio work schedule but typically 1-2 weeks + shipping.


Q. Where are you based?

A. Our studio is based in Birmingham, UK, but we also work remotely with clothing brands from all over the world, especially the USA, Canada and Australia.


Q. What kind of materials have you got?

A. All our verified samples can be view on the fabrics page of our website. If you are looking for a fabric that you cannot see on the website, we can source different fabrics to suit your needs.

Bridge Brands:

Q. What is a bridge brand?

A. A ‘bridge brand’ is a clothing brand that ‘bridges’ the gap between value high street brands (Nike basics) and luxury brands (think Gucci). They are the brands in the middle (think Stussy, Palm Angels, Fear of God Essentials, Aries) they price a hoodie between £80-£400. These kinds of brands have the best success rates as they yield high profit levels with proportionately low investment. Hook and Eye UK specialises in cut and sew clothing manufacture for bridge brands, our high quality level in design and manufacture perfectly match the levels needed for these brands! So that we can help all sizes of brands, we slot our smaller clothing brands in the gaps between our large brands so that everyone gets the same quality. Your first step will be a Tech Pack and Design Session with one of our designers.