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    “Jocelyn and her team are more than just high-quality service providers, they have become an integral part of our business and our DARKCIRCLE family. Over the last 7 years, Jocelyn and her team have gone above and beyond to help us on our journey. We are always trying to find new ways to push our product forward and Hook and Eye UK is always part of our process. When we first started exploring cut and sew manufacturing Jocelyn was there to guide us in the right direction. Now she and her team are always at the heart of our development. If you have a brand or thinking of starting one, having the right people around will save you a fortune and save you months... Hook and Eye UK are those people!”

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    Bene Culture

    “Hook and Eye UK have been our supplier for nearly five years and the reason we keep coming back is for their ethos, quality, and how hard-working they are. We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

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    Maria Gulina

    “Hook and Eye UK has been an absolute pleasure to work with. And has made my manufacturing process 100% easier. Couldn’t be happier with the service 🤍”

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    “Provide has worked with Hook and Eye UK for many years now, and we are consistently impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. Working relationships like this are hard to come by so we appreciate the continued support we receive.”

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    Meme Gold

    “Hook and Eye UK believes in directness and efficiency and this an invaluable asset from design through to the manufacturing process. They’re always focused on finding the best solutions and positive outcomes. A reassuring team to work with if you’re just starting out.”

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    "Hook and Eye UK have been fantastic with helping me put together my designs for my brand.

    Quality and fit of the final product are better than I ever expected.

    The whole team are so helpful and have worked very closely with me from day one 👌🏼"

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    "Biggup Hook and Eye UK. A pleasure to work with.
    Jocelyn and her team are super helpful. They’ve made the whole process so painless.
    Communication is on point, turnaround is speedy and the quality is 10 10.
    Hook and Eye UK is the way to go!"

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    Legend Mccall

    "I just started my small business journey and I was luck to stumble upon this awesome team. They are very professional, fast and efficient and turn around time is top notch. They head designer is very fast and execute all your design needs so there are no mistakes and exactly what you envision. The quality of my bulk product did not disappoint at all. If you are looking to start a clothing company look no further Hook and Eye UK is your team."

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    Rex Adams

    “When I decided to start my brand I didn't have a clue about how to begin building it. I wouldn’t have accomplished what I could have thus far without the help of Hook and Eye UK. Throughout the whole process from design sessions to production I was guided with clear, understandable information, consistent communication, and valuable advice. Jocelyn and her team made sure I was taking the most cost-effective route (for a young entrepreneur starting a business in lockdown) and thereon continue to work with me in bettering Goodred Apparel. Hook and Eye UK offers immeasurable services and advice that are paramount for anyone looking to start a clothing brand. Saving time, money, and stress - I couldn't be more grateful for Hook and Eye UK and am looking forward to continuing our relationship through growing Goodred together.”

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    Separate Collection

    “Delivers excellent customer service and 10/10 quality in all work she has provided for us.”

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    Eunoia London

    "Hook and Eye UK brought my designs to life and were very supportive at all stages of production. Communication with the team is excellent and it's also great that they manufacture ethically. Would highly recommend."

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    Thirty Eight Denim

    "Got my first manufactured drop from them and timing was great along with them being the only person to help with what I had to do, great people, great communication and highly recommend them! Also shipping was fast 5-6 days to United States which I didn’t expect. All around great manufacturer and there work is great. Would recommend to anybody!"

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    Label Us Notorious

    "I was lucky enough to find this company earlier on during the launch of my clothing brand. This is literally a 1 stop shop for everything you need as a brand owner, from designing, sampling, manufacturing and etc.. needless to say, they’re simply the best. Quality comes first with Hook and Eye UK, which is one less thing to stress about when dealing with them and I never had an issue with turnaround time ever. I highly recommend and give 2 thumbs up to H&E."

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    Studio SJR

    "My overall experience has been from this company has been amazing. I’ve done a number of design sessions with their in house design team and have wonder their knowledge and expertise to be a major benefit when it came to designing samples. I have also gone into production with them and the time frame from the start of the production to receiving my bulk order where manageable and fitted will within my time frame. This along with their super friendly and professional manner has made every interaction with them easy going. Overall I am pleased with the work they provided me and most definitely be doing using their services."

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    Overlooked & Underrated

    "Hook and Eye UK does great business and is very professional. I love working with them and their amazing customer service is what keeps me coming back. Hook and Eye UK is Very responsive and honest which is also key to working with brand deployment companies especially when they are located physically on the other side of the globe. Great company great work 10/10."

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    "Jocelyn and the Hook and Eye UK team are amazing! They make the process really enjoyable and seamless and honestly couldn’t have started my brand without them, would highly recommend to any designers wanting to create a start up brand!"

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