Brand Consultancy

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Hookandeyeuk fashion brand consultancy is based on a collective of over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Our consultancy has two main area:

1. Concept realisation & design (Including the best ways to design for improved sample & bulk production pricing & targeted customer sales).

2. Supply chain management & improvement.  

Having worked with start-up, national and international brands, we know how vital it is for companies to have a knowledgeable and experienced consultant. Working on a consultancy basis gives you the choice to hire us from as little as 1 hour at a time. We know that some brands just need some good insights and advise to enable them to fix any issues whereas other brands have much more complex needs and we try to be as flexible as needed for every size of company! So many fashion brands are seeking this service without the cost of a full-time facilitator and that’s where Hookandeyeuk steps in with our varied consultancy options. All consultancy packages are tailored to the needs of each individual fashion brand.  


The services offered with this section of consultation are entirely dependent on brand size and longevity. We cater to all sizes of brands offering trend analysis & potential market growth areas, right through to complete collection design (including design variations to choose from).

- Concept creation & presentation. 

- Collection review / collection re-design / collection full design. 

- Collection sampling & development improvement.   

- Brand forecasting & planning.


We work with several national and international manufacturers and pair this with our team’s comprehensive expertise and understanding to negotiate the tricky issues around supply chain management to help you navigate any problems within your fashion brand supply chain. We bring balance between suppliers and customers to bring sustainable and improved workflows.

This includes: 

- Working with manufacturers to coordinate production and delivery schedules. 

- Advising on how to build strong relationships with manufacturers to ensure there are excellent service and product quality levels. 

- Improving communication between the supplier and your fashion brand. 

- Identifying and recommending solutions / processes to ensure business needs are met and best practise is always followed. 

- General brand streamlining & efficiency management 

- Finance assessment, analysis & reallocation 

We identify problems and produce significant and lasting solutions quickly. 

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