How US brands can design with UK designers!

How US brands can design with UK designers!

Here's how clothing brands in the USA can collaborate with UK designers...

This is one for our US we've noticed that there are loads of USA clothing brands that are looking to team up with UK designers and manufacturing experts to help get their brands up and running.

Now, that's something we've been doing for a while, so let's look in a bit more detail at how and why US brands can work with UK designers...

I'm based in the USA...why should I work with a UK designer / manufacturer?

Working with a good UK clothing designer can bring a wealth of expertise to the table in both designing and manufacturing processes, alongside a unique UK fashion style that can help you to stand out in the US.

From tech packs & pattern-making to sampling and bulk production, a clothing designer with years of experience can guide you through each step, ensuring your designs are brought to life with precision and creativity.

The UK fashion industry is renowned for its attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice if your startup clothing brands is looking to build and establish a reputation for high-quality apparel.

We find a lot of our clients like to include details on their garments such as labels that say 'designed in the UK' as way to make their garments stand out in the ultra-competitive US clothing market.

Alongside that, the UK has a rich fashion heritage, and collaborating with a UK clothing designer allows you to tap into this cultural influence, infusing your designs with a unique style that gives your collections a real point of difference. Whether it's drawing inspiration from British traditions or incorporating elements of contemporary UK fashion, your brand can benefit from the allure of British style and sophistication.

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But I'm based in the can I work with a UK design studio?

Well, it's actually pretty easy.

Whilst we're based in the UK, we work with clients across the USA, giving you the opportunity to work one-to-one with a team of Britain's best clothing designers & clothing manufacturers to get your fashion brand started.

All you need to do is hop on Zoom, dial into our lovely UK studio, and we can help get your clothing brand designed and manufactured, all from the comfort of your home, regardless of whether you're in New York, LA, or anywhere in between.

Working with you online, we can do everything from tech packs through to pattern cutting, sampling and bulk clothing manufacture, helping you get your fashion brand off to a flying start.



The process of going from an initial idea for a clothing brand, through to final manufacture can be a difficult one, especially for brands based in the USA. Despite the distance, at our UK design studio, we give you the expertise and know-how to make it so much easier for you at each step along the way.

Our goal is to help you bring your fashion brand to life, and we do that by giving you our team's extensive clothing manufacturing knowledge and experience. So if you've got an idea for a clothing brand, we can help.



Whether you’re a startup clothing brand or you've been in the game a while, Hook and Eye UK can help if you're in the USA and are looking for clothing designers & manufacturers. 

If you need tech packs, sampling, or pattern cutting we've got you covered. If you also need to manufacture your clothes, we offer low MOQ manufacturing, so that you can get your clothes manufactured without huge up-front costs. 


We're here to help startup clothing brands from around the world, especially for you guys in the USA. Our digital processes make it easy for you to work with one of the UK's leading clothing designers & manufacturers, wherever you're based!


If you'd like some guidance from us on your next clothing collection and you're new to Hook and Eye UK simply fill in our enquiry form [CLICK HERE]. The form will guide you through steps to see if we can help you and then tell you exactly how to contact us. 

Love, Joss H&E xx