Fashion Copywriting - example of product page information

Fashion Copywriting: How to write amazing copy for your products, using just your tech packs!

Here’s a simple hack to write clear, high-converting, and useful copy for your fashion brand's product pages, using just the info in your tech packs…

Every product sold online needs ‘copy’ that tells your customer all about it (and why they should buy it!). In this article we’re going to explain how to create great copy quickly and easily, just by using the information in your clothing tech packs!

Selling clothes online is a competitive market and it’s essential you build up brand recognition and establish a customer base that feels engaged with you and identifies with the brand. If a visitor has landed on your brand's website, chances are they like your vibe. Maybe they've seen an instagram advert, or seen a friend wearing your brand. Either way, they’ve seen something they like, they identify with your brand in some way, you’ve got their attention. But that’s not always enough to make a sale!

Customers want to have confidence in you as a brand and the clothes that they are buying. One way you can help with this is by having good, clear copy that tells the customer everything they need to know about your product. ‘Copy’ in this context basically refers to written text; the descriptions and information you add to your webpage or online store.

Getting your product copy right can make the all the difference in your conversion rate (i.e. how many website visitors actually buy your products).


Fear of God Essentials Product Copy example


The downside of online stores is that your customer can’t feel or try on the clothing, so you need to help them get as close to the real thing as possible by including all the information they could need or want to know before hitting buy.

Product images are super important, but having good copy will help clear up any ambiguity about the details like fit or fabric, and more importantly, great copy will help your customer engage with the product and therefore the brand.


What information to include on your clothing product pages:

1. Fabric Composition and Weight

One of the first things I do when I’m online shopping is look for the fabric composition. It immediately tells me some information about how that garment is going to feel or perform. The fabric composition is the bit that says, for example, 100% Cotton.

The fabric weight doesn’t always need to be listed, but for some items it’s really helpful for indicating how heavy or thick that fabric is going to feel on the body.

Items like hoodies, joggers, t-shirts; the weight indicates whether it’s really heavyweight or a more mid-weight trans-seasonal wear. The weight will be indicated by GSM (grams per square metre).

See below for where to find this info in your Hook and Eye UK tech pack!

Fabric composition and weight chart


2. Care Instructions

This is crucial to include as it provides important information of how to take care of the garment. It also covers you as the brand owner by providing correct care information so that the garment is not damaged by unsuitable washing methods etc.

 Lululemon care and materials

Make the instructions clear and quick to understand by using care symbols with written text to back them up. Check out this example from Lululemon above which is really clear and easy to digest.

You can find all of this information in your tech pack just look for the 'Care Label' section (as below):

Care instructions on clothing care label

3. Fit information

This isn’t always a necessity but it’s super helpful in a lot of cases. Outlining how the garment is supposed to fit will help create a picture in the customers mind of how it will fit them.

The more a customer can visualise themselves wearing your garments, the more likely they are to buy.

A simple line saying whether it’s slim fit, regular, boxy or oversized will help manage customers expectations. Remember not all sizing is created equal, for example what is a medium to your brand could be an XS for a brand that focuses on really oversized fits.

It's also a great idea to show what size your model is wearing, and what size or height that model is, so people can see an example of how it fits.

Not sure how to describe the fit? Look at the style name in your Hook and Eye UK tech pack, it might help.

Tech Pack info


4. Special Features

If your design has any special features or functions, listing them is a great idea. Your customer can’t explore the garment physically themselves so point out if there’s any hidden pockets, zips, or any adjusters like toggles or inner drawcords. You might also want to list specific graphic applications like puff print or embroidery.

Where to find it in your Hook and Eye UK tech pack:

The quickest place to find it is on the second page with the graphic applications and garment construction details.

Tech Pack example - graphic & construction details

5. Product Description

Now you’ve got the essential information down, consider adding a little extra text. Lots of brands like to write a ‘short story’ for each product, which has the intention of showing the customer why they might need this product and how it fits into their lifestyle.

That being said, keep it SHORT, as customers will lose interest if there’s a huge great paragraph outlining your entire design journey - which of course is important, but save it for your 'about' page if it's something you want to include.

See some examples below from successful brands; they combine information about the fabric and fit with simple lines about where the item might be worn.

This is clever, it subliminally builds a picture of how it fits into the customers lifestyle and therefore makes it desirable. Most often consumers are buying into an idea as well as the physical item itself, so consider, what is the items purpose? Is it for climbing hills and keeping you dry? Or is it for everyday comfort and style from the sofa to the street?

Adanola clothing product information copy example


Levis clothing product information copy example


Passenger clothing copy example

Putting it all together on your product page 

Now that you’ve got all the information, let’s look an example of how to put it all together on your product page!

There are many different ways you can organise your copy – it will be individual to your brand and style. If in doubt, keep it simple and easy to understand at a glance. Here’s an example we made using the Hook and Eye UK tech pack below.


Fashion Clothing Tech Pack


Example fashion product page, copywriting example



In Conclusion: Writing copy for your fashion brand's products

Having good copy for your fashion brand’s products will help your customers understand the product easily, build confidence in you as a brand and help increase your rate of sale online!

All the essential information you need is in your Hook and Eye UK tech pack. Remember to list fabric composition and weight, care instructions, fit and any special features like pockets and graphic applications.

Here's a quick checklist of the essentials to include in your clothing brand's product pages:

Product Copywriting Checklist

Adding a short description of the product can be a great customer engagement tool. Describe what the garment is for, where you might wear it and how it feels – this will help the customer picture how it fits into their lifestyle (and therefore why they want it!).

If you don’t have your tech packs yet and are looking to get started, click here to book a tech pack and design session with one of our experts.

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