Tech packs:

Q. How quickly can I book a design session?

A. You can purchase a design session online at any time, it will depend on the slots available but typically customers can book ok within a week of purchase. 

Q. Can you make my designs and tech packs for me?

A. Yes, we can. We offer design sessions which allow you to sit one–to–one with one of our designers via an online session. See our 'Tech Pack and Design Sessions' for more info.

Q. Can you give pricing from our tech packs?

A. We can send over estimated bulk production prices based on generic items like hoodies, teeshirts, joggers etc. Just ask us to send our 'Estimated Pricing Guide'.

Sampling & Pattern Cutting:

Q. Do you do samples without commitment to bulk manufacture?

A. Yes. Each stage is priced separately to give you the freedom to move as and when you like.

Q. Can you take a fit from an existing sample?

A. Yes, we can! 

Q. How long does it take to get samples?

A. Typically samples take 6-8 weeks.

Q. How long does a pattern take to make?

A. It depends on the complexity of the pattern and the studio work schedule but typically 1-2 weeks + shipping

Bulk Manufacture:

Q. What is your minimum order quantity?

A. There is an MOQ of 30 units per design/colour. (This can be split into 4 different sizes). To go into bulk manufacture you must have a minimum of 2 designs, this could be one garment in two colour ways or two separate garments.

Q. How long does bulk manufacture take?

A. 4-8 weeks + shipping (This time assumes that you have already been through the sampling processes with us). If you are a returning customer and you want to re-order stock, we can usually shorten this time frame.

Q. Where is bulk manufacture made?

A. We have an integrated manufacturing team based in China.


Q. What is the cost of a pattern / sample / bulk manufacture?

A. All pricing is based off the tech pack of each individual garment, so pricing is individual for every service we provide. Costing changes with the complexity of the garment and the number of garments being made. Costing can also be affected by fabric type / weight, graphic applications, and shipping methods. 


Q. Where are you based?

A. Birmingham, UK


Q. What kind of materials have you got?

A. All our verified samples can be view on the fabrics page of our website. If you are looking for a fabric that you cannot see on the website, we can source different fabrics to suit your needs.