Clothing manufacture can be a very tricky task to get right.

At Hook and Eye UK we focus on building a strong foundation with your tech packs, patterns, and samples to ensure your bulk manufacture runs as smoothly as possible. We use a team in China to bulk manufacture your designs, and we organise and manage everything for you from fabric selection to shipping methods and everything in between. We manage the full cycle for you. We use our purchasing power and wealth of industry experience to ensure your designs are made to the correct quality level and within the correct timelines. Our MOQ starts at 30 units per design / colour (which can be split into 4 sizes). The more complex the garment construction the higher the MOQ. 

Use us as your very own garment development, purchasing and bulk production management team! 

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Q. What is your minimum quantity order for bulk clothing manufacture?

A. 30 units per design/ colour. This can be split into 4 different sizes.

Q. How long does bulk clothing manufacturing take?

A. 6-8 weeks + shipping (this time assumes that you have already been through the fit sample and pre-production sample processes with us). If you are a returning customer and you want to re-order stock, we can usually shorten this time.

Q. Where is bulk manufacture made?

A. We work alongside two companies, one in Pakistan and one is China. China is our main manufacturing team.