Making Your Tech Packs Properly - Why Hook and Eye UK Insist on Creating All Tech Packs Ourselves

Making Your Tech Packs Properly - Why Hook and Eye UK Insist on Creating All Tech Packs Ourselves

At Hook and Eye UK, we insist on making impeccable tech packs for our lovely clients. That's because our tech packs serve as the foundation that enables us to make your clothes in an an efficient, cost effective and high-quality way. 

Good tech packs are the cornerstone of getting your clothes manufactured properly, and we know its super bloody frustrating to go through the process of having a tech pack made, and then being told that your clothing sampler/manufacturer won't accept it!

In this article we'll explain the rationale behind our insistence on creating comprehensive and airtight tech packs for all the garments we sample and manufacture for, and why that helps you as a fashion brand owner.

The Power of Precision: Crafting Efficient Tech Packs

Simply put, tech packs need to be as efficient and airtight as possible, otherwise things go haywire in the manufacturing process (which is no fun for anyone!).

We build our tech packs using a graphic and fabric coding system that is paired with the specific positioning of information that makes it easier for everyone in the manufacturing chain to understand and follow.

It also means that everyone in our manufacturing supply chain is working to a shared plan & shared language, helping to eradicate possible mistakes. This makes your final garments more accurate and ensures a higher quality end product.


Unlocking Efficiency: Minimising Workload and Costs

Airtight tech packs drastically reduce the workload required during the manufacturing phase. This reduction in manual workload translates to lower production costs, which, in turn, benefits you as a fashion brand owner as it reduces your unit cost, without compromising production quality. 

Tech Pack in Fashion

Order Quantities: Giving you Production Flexibility

By having tech packs that increase production efficiency, it makes it worthwhile for our manufacturing team in China to work with lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). Normally, lower order quantities produce less profit for the manufacturer, but because our tech packs unlock a more efficient manufacturing process, it means we can offer you more flexibility around the number of garments that you'd need to order, without impacting your unit cost.

The same amount of development goes into manufacturing 1 style that has only 30 units as 1 style that has 300 units so you can see why this is so vital. 

Transforming Your Existing Tech Packs

If you'd like to have your existing tech packs transformed into our tech pack format to unlock these efficiencies, we are happy to do that with you in a tech pack and design session. The tech pack and design sessions provide an opportunity to delve into every design detail, ensuring that the vision for your final garments is perfectly aligned and ready for the sampling and manufacturing process. 

Making your Tech Packs More Efficient: Practical Steps 

If you do want to transform your existing tech packs into our more efficient and accurate format, whilst saving as much time as possible, here are a few things that you'll need:

Step 1: Give our Ultimate Guide to Tech Packs a read: 

Tech Pack in Fashion: The Ultimate Guide to Tech Packs for Fashion Brands

It's full of insider tips on how to create the perfect Tech Pack, and 100% worth a read for any fashion brand owner.

Once you've done that, here are some other handy tips:

1. Pick fabrics and colours from our fabrics page (ensure to note the codes and the fabric colour numbers down). Click here to be taken to our fabrics page.
2. Tell us the total units you want for each item and the size break for each size. 
3. Tell us your graphic application type (screen print/ embroidery etc).
4. Give Pantone colours for any graphic colours.
5. Provide clear line drawings of the garments done in adobe illustrator with any construction details.

All of the above will mean that we can work with you to quickly and cost-effectively create tech packs that save you loads of time and money when manufacturing your clothing range.

The final step would be to book a time with us on the link below:



If you'd like some guidance from us on your next clothing collection and you're new to Hook and Eye UK simply fill in our enquiry form here. The form will guide you through steps to see if we can help you and then tell you exactly how to contact us. 

Love, Joss H&E xx

P.s. Don't forget - if you'd like to know about how to price your next collection properly follow the enquiry form and then ask us to send you our 'Estimated Pricing Guide'. In this guide we tell you an estimated production price based on brands like Stussy, Palm Angels, Fear of God and Represent along with a RRP and estimated profit level - it's mega useful!