Pre-Developed Garments vs. Custom Clothing: What's Best for Your Brand?

Pre-Developed Garments vs. Custom Clothing: What's Best for Your Brand?

So, you want to start a fashion brand - but should you use pre-developed or custom clothing shapes? It's a big decision, but don't worry, we've got you! 

Getting your clothing shapes right is one of the most important things for your new brand. So, how do you choose which garment shapes to go with? Are you better off going with fully customised shapes, or can you save time and money by choosing pre-developed garments?

Luckily, H&E's got your back!

Alongside custom clothing options, we also offer a range of pre-developed shapes that make the process of designing your collection quick, easy, and cost-effective.

So, What Are Pre-Developed Garments?

Basically, they're fully developed and perfected clothing shapes that we've already created for you to use. We've got over 80 different shapes, all inspired by the most popular styles of big brands like Palm Angels, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Fear of God etc...but with some extra H&E magic sprinkled on top to make them unique.

But here's the cool part, they're not just plain old stock items. They're base shapes that you can customise by adding your own graphics, changing the fabric, and playing around with the colours. It's like a guide to get you started on your designs.

Pre-developed garments

Why Choose Pre-Developed Garments?

One of the best things about using our pre-developed shapes is that it dramatically reduces your pattern cutting costs.

Since we've already done the hard work of creating the perfect patterns, you don't have to spend time and money doing that.

So if you want to create some great clothes, whilst speeding up the process and saving money, pre-developed garments could be a very good option for you.

That said, it's worth keeping in mind that if you develop your own custom shapes from scratch, you can use them over and over again. So, it might be worth biting the bullet and developing your own custom shapes if you have the time and budget.

Custom Garments: Is it Worth it?

If you're looking to create something truly unique, then custom shapes might be the way to go. It might take a bit more time and effort, but the payoff can be worth it. By developing your own shapes, you get complete control over the design process and can ensure that your garments fit your brand's vibe and aesthetic perfectly.

Mix and Match for the Perfect Collection

At H&E, we often recommend using a mix of both pre-developed garments and custom shapes. That way, you can create a collection that's cohesive and unique, without the time and cost of creating fully custom shapes for your whole collection.

In essence, you choose the pre-developed shapes you like from our selection, and add your own custom silhouettes to make your collection stand out.

Check out our full range of pre-developed designs

If you'd like to see our full range of pre-developed designs drop us a WhatsApp on +447939591255 and we'll send over our full image boards!

Garments to design around

If you'd like to come and see our range of pre-developed garments in the flesh you can always book in for a brand consultation to visit our studio.

We're here for you if you have questions drop us a WhatsApp on +447939591255.

Love, Joss H&E xx

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